Friday, January 28, 2011

70's Bungalow: Bathroom Designs

Room design and renderring by Carol Reed Interior Design

The new floor plan for The 70's Bungalow redesign has 2 bathroom ensuites and 1 powder room on the main floor (check out the before and after floor plans here, and the kitchen redesign plans here).  The master ensuite and the guest room ensuite were designed with similar concepts but slightly different material selections.  Each of the bathrooms would have custom wood vanities, solid stone tile flooring and solid slab counter tops.   

I allocated the majority of the bathroom budgets into the floors, vanity and countertops.  Everything else in the rooms would be non-custom, have simple contemporary lines and be basic white or polished chrome.  I'm not a fan of mixing a lot of different tiles in one space, or using trendy tiles,  these looks get dated pretty fast - I prefer to stick with classic natural stones and simple white ceramics, playing up the different shapes, sizes and finishes (honed, polished etc) for interest.

Master Ensuite room design and renderring by Carol Reed Interior Design.

For the master ensuite I designed a floating zebrano wood double vanity that would have 7 drawers, a solid calacatta marble countertop with a tall backsplash and shower jambs to match.  The wood grain of the vanity would run horizontally to play up the contemporary lines of house.  The floor would be clad with one tile, a 12 x 24 honed calacatta, no borders, no inlays.  The beauty of this natural stone's colouration and veining is a feature on its own. The large walk-in shower will be clad in a long narrow white ceramic tile installed in a stacked pattern (not as shown in the renderring), evoking a very modern feel.  The white ceramic walls and white marble floors will showcase the gorgeous zebrano wood.  The bit of non-tiled wall space there is will be painted a deep warm grey for rich dramatic contrast, this was added to the concept sketch later on as the paint colours were selected.

Site sample board for Master Ensuite bathroom.

In addition to a full set of construction drawings, site samples boards are prepared for the contractor - they don't need to be pretty,,,just factual.  Above is the site board for the Master Ensuite material finishes.  Sometimes I'll include photos of the faucets and light fixtures too but this time it wasn't necessary. Final wall paint colour will be selected on site after sampling 2 or 3 draw downs on the primed walls.

Guest Bathroom design and rendering by Carol Reed Interior Design.

The guest bathroom is small but accommodates a standard size tub and a 30" vanity.  The vanity had to be designed to go all the way to the floor, concealing the plumbing (that would come up thru the floor). The custom cabinet would be made from riff cut white oak stained a golden caramel colour.  The countertop will be solid quartz material in white, the same white as the slim narrow rectangular ceramic tiles that will surround the tub, including the tub front and continue across the entire vanity wall.  The floor will be finished with Blue Ocean vein cut travertine in an offset stack pattern which will really play up the horizontal lines in the tile.  The walls will be painted a warm taupey grey. The guest bathroom will have a custom made shower curtain instead of the glass screen illustrated above, and only 1 pendant fixture instead of two.

Site sample Board for guest bathroom.

Using only one tile on the floor and one tile on the walls is a great way to stretch your budget dollars,,,and I think it maintains a clean modern look.  Using a ceramic on the walls, and tiling only the shower or tub walls, instead of all the walls is also another big cost saver.  To maximize a bathroom budget, keep the walls simple and get that luxe high end look by investing in stone flooring and solid countertops.

The renderings above were drawn in the early stages of the design development and it was thru these sketches that the client was able to decide on the room layout and all of the design details.  Subsequently some very minor changes and modifications have been made to the bathroom design since these sketches were prepared but the overall design concept remains the same.

Last week I was out at the supplier's warehouse looking thru their current stock and tagging the orders for both of these rooms and some other areas in the house (talk about being a kid in a candy store!!).  The tiler is scheduled to start in approximately 2 weeks and the vanities are in production,,,I'm so excited to see these designs evolve to the next stage.


IDS 2011

If you're in Toronto this weekend you don't want to miss the Interior Design Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.   I'll be at the IDC Canada booth on Saturday between 1 and 4pm participating in their Design Dilemma Consultions providing free 15 minute consultations to show attendees.   If you do go and happen to see me, please stop and say hi!


  1. I so love your sketches - they are a visual delight and almost a lost art. I had forgotten just how beautiful they can be as means of communication with the client. And your skill in producing them is exquisite.

  2. I'm working on my own bathroom renovation right now, so this post is very much relevant! Thank you for sharing your work. I always leave inspired.

  3. Wow. You really know how to make things look modern, simple and timeless. I love that your style is not fussy. How happy will your clients be with those stunning bathrooms.

  4. The finishes you've chosen are lovely and timeless, and your drawings seem to perfectly reflect what the end results will look like. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Absolutely beautiful bathroom designs! Your sketches are wonderful. I love the sconces in the master ensuite rendering.
    I have a question for you. What are your thoughts on mixing chrome with brushed nickel? I have a brushed nickel faucet, but I fell in love with chrome sconces similar to your drawing. Would it be a design mistake to use chrome sconces with a brushed nickel faucet and brushed nickel cabinet hardware?

  6. Hi Michele,
    I'm sorry its not something I can answer without seeing them. It really depends on the mfg. I've seen brushed nickel that looks very brown next to Chrome. Some brushed nickel looks different than others and doesn't look the same next to each other. In other situations I"ve seen polished nickel that looks very similar to polished chrome. I've seen chrome that looks very blue. If there's nothing else Chrome in your bathroom the sconces may look off. I think if its not a particularly brown looking nickel you would be fine. Sorry if I confused you more its a visual call more so than a rule of thumb.

  7. Thank you for your reply! Your advice makes sense. If the brushed nickel and polished chrome look like the same tone of silver, maybe it could work. Then bring another element of chrome in the room (maybe towel bars?).

  8. Hi Carol,
    So exiting to follow your work and the progress of it, really loving it all. I am also a owner of a 70ties house and renovations are planned. I´m so curious to know what kind of floortile you have used in the guest bathroom. Its so retro and I would love to have it in my hallway.

  9. I like the sketches, so I'm beyond curious what would the reality look like! I adore bathrooms and could spend hours and hours in mine! It's pretty much my little spa, thanks to bathrooms in aberdeen.

  10. Hey! I love the project! Recently I got a pretty similar project from my bathroom designer from Hope my bathroom is going to look gorgeous and I already can't wait to see it!

  11. Hey there, loved reading this post. Super informative. With the pandemic had a lot of free time on my hands and thought to redo the kitchen and patio with stone tiles. Initially I wanted to install it myself but my wife suggested hiring help. She was right (as usual) and it was worth it. After looking around we chose to go with The Reno Superstore on Caledonia Rd in Toronto. Their contractors did a great job; the owner guy Simon was super helpful too. Thanks to them we have a lovely stone tile floor in toronto and zero complaints.


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