Saturday, January 8, 2011

The King's Speech: Scene Stealer

I finally saw The King's Speech last night and totally loved every minute of it, its no surprise that I'm crazy for movies that have great costume and set design.  My favorite part of the entire movie was during a party scene where Wallis Simpson's character (Eve Best) appeared wearing the most STUNNING, drop dead gorgeous aubergine dress.  I gasped (i really did!) when the camera panned to her, front and centre on the screen as she walked towards you,,,,,,,in this perfectly tailored creation.  The dress was simply exquisite with beautiful draping around the neck and a diamond encrusted clasp at the waist.

AND then when Eve Best turned around and revealed the back of the dress,,,,,WOW!!!!

The fabric draped from shoulder to shoulder in a low scoop revealing her bare back and a stunning Van Cleef & Arpel's diamond zip necklace.  In the top photo you can see the necklace around the front of her neck.  The entire outfit to me represents timeless style, this dress could be worn today and look as chic as it would have 80 years ago.

If you love fashion, the moment was a definite scene stealer.

I also tried to find photos of the set design for this particular party scene because in addition to this memorable fashion moment the room was dressed with THE most gorgeous floor to ceiling plaid drapes, I  Loved them!   So if you have plans to see The King's Speech keep your eye out for this, my favorite scene.... and these beautiful details.  Enjoy the show.


  1. I am also looking forward to seeing this movie, the set design in movies like this are always inspiring for sure, thanks for the review and the amazing dress...

  2. Yes, yes, yes! Wasn't it the best film in ages? Of course, I think I spent most of the time just drinking in the sets, the clothes, the accents.... but the story was wonderful too. And the acting was sparkling enough to absolutely hold my attention for the whole duration - no easy feat!

  3. Did you ever find out if it was an original? I too loved, loved, loved the fashion in the movie. I want the sweater that the doctor's wife is wearing at the dinner table.

    I also like the way all the women wore their pearls. Even the king's children had tiny pearl necklaces. I'm going to dust my strands off!


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