Monday, August 23, 2010

Six Objects De Vie

To say I was thrilled when Michelle of a Schematic Life asked me to participate in her new regular feature called "Six Objects De Vie" would be an understatement!  Michelle has been a reader of my blog for some time and her comments always make my day.  When I first started discovering design blogs, Michelle's impressed me like no other.  A fellow Canadian, not only is she a successful interior designer she's also an extremely talented artist - her dreamy interior renderings have become her trademark and the best you will see in the industry.  She also generously shares her talent for rendering by teaching readers her techniques thru step by step video tutorials posted on her blog - talk about a labour of love!  She's been very encouraging to me and has inspired me to dust off my markers and start sketching and rendering on a more regular basis.  If you haven't visited a Schematic Life yet,,,,its a must, Michelle's interiors portfolio and her renderings are a visual joy.

Thanks Michelle for featuring me today in your Six Objects De Vie,  It was a lot of fun although I found it almost impossible to only pick six!!

Here's a sneak peek at no.5, click on over here to see the rest.

Top Image:  Room Design by Steven Gambrel, Rendering by Michelle Morelan


  1. Who doesn't love Michelle Morelan?

    She is not just talented, she is an amazing artist, a cool mama and over all a great friend.

    Carol I am so glad you also where featured in An Schematic blog. You are very stylish !

  2. I just discovered you and your blog through your feature at A Schematic Life :-) It's nice to "meet" another Canadian blogger :-)

    Michelle's is one of the first blogs I followed when my friend and I started our blog in January 2009. Her amazing renderings and paintings always impress me, and I'm happy to say I'm the proud owner of one of her renderings :-)


  3. wonderful. you have such an amazing eye.

  4. Lovely choices - laughed at the rationale for the gorgeous bag! Always elegant but practical, you are!

  5. Thank you Ivan,,,I'm a huge fan of your work and your blog, I have great respect for the way you support and promote designers. I'm envious of the strong design community you have developed on the West Coast - I so wish we had that here.

    Kelly and PVE Design,,,welcome! Soo happy you have found me, I look forward to getting to know you both!

    Ah, Virginia,,,,,,ha ha,,,now you have me laughing at that! : )


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