Tuesday, August 3, 2010

East Coast Road Trip: Day 3

A few of my favorite photos from Day 3 of our road trip.  We drove from Moncton, New Brunswick to the town of Annapolis Royal on the Acadian Coast of Nova Scotia.  Basically this drive took us around the Bay of Fundy from the N.B. side into Nova Scotia.   The route we travelled meandered along the shore line and took us thru dozens of small towns.  I photographed the colourful old buoys on display outside an antique store in one of the towns, they look just like the ones that Pottery Barn was selling this season!

Stacks of old lobster traps outside an antique store.  I love the impact of anything displayed enmasse.

I've developed an obssession with photographing churches.  I've never seen so many in all my life, each and every small little town has at least 2, if nothing else in the entire town but a gas station.  They are almost always white with tall steeples, they're so graceful looking.  When you're driving thru the countryside you can see the steeples in the distance.   Some of them are close to 300 years old.   Its become a standing rule on this trip to stop at everyone or at least slow down for a quick scan.  About half of them have been retrofitted with new 'Home Hardware' basic insulated steel doors which is so unfortunate,,,when we see these we just keep driving....I think they ruin the entire character of the building.

We've been seeing about 3 or 4 dozen churches like this a day...

The shore line all around the Bay of Fundy looks like this during the day when its low tide.

Our first lighthouse sighting....

We stopped in the picturesque town of Wolfville and had lunch on an outdoor patio underneath a shade structure covered in grape vine.  By the end of lunch I had decided I MUST have one of these vine covered structures in my own garden one day - all I could envision was how beautiful it would be to have hanging lanterns or candelabras hanging down over a dining table at night under one of these.

The majority of the old churches had been restored, but even the one that were in disrepair had loads of character.

We spend a perfect evening in the gorgeous historical town of Annapolis.  One of the oldest and largest settlements in all of Canada.  It was full of charming historical homes all in pristine condition.

One of the guests at the B&B we stayed at had travelled there from New Brunswick in their vintage care.  It looked like it belonged in front of the house, permanently!

Before dinner we toured the Historical Gardens,,,I was crazy for these raised planter beds that were designed for accessibility, the elevated height makes them practical for seniors or anyone with disabilities as they eliminated the need for kneeling or bending.  How can you not love that - I think I'll have to do this in my next garden.....

I loved this classic planter bed, there were four of these installed in a grid pattern.  Each planter box is designed in a formal colonial style with plantings of herbs, flowers and fruit.

After my experience at lunch, I was gaga for this vine covered structure.....it was like a little oasis on this extremely hot and sunny day.

Another gorgeous vine covered structure,,the arch design was stunning.

All Photos:  Carol Reed

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