Friday, August 13, 2010

East Coast Road Trip: Day 6

The fishing village of Blue Rocks outside of Lunenburg

A short drive away from our B&B in Mahone Bay was the rustic fishing village of Blue Rocks, known for its rocky shoreline it offers up views that rival those at Peggy's Cove, in fact, I preferred this little spot because its off the beaten path and not overrun with tourists - we had the place to ourselves!

It was an overcast stormy morning (just what I love!!) and once again provided great atmosphere for shooting - I'm just not a blue sky kinda gal.  On the drive in we encountered hard driving rain but just as we arrived the rain stopped...

The winds were so strong I had a hard time keeping my balance and holding on to my hat!  BF complained that I was always in the way of his shots : )

This is why I just love visiting these little fishing villages, everything is so colourful and weathered, so much character.  To me the overcast grey skies highlight all of this so much better than bright blue sky.

I loved all the various tones of grey....

The simple houses in the small town were as colourful as the fishing shacks......this one was for sale as many houses were.

The famous 'Three Churches', the traditional postcard shot of Mahone Bay.  Typically the bay is very calm and you normally have a mirror like reflection of the churches in the water.

Mahone Bay is a small town of colourful shops and homes that overlook the calm waters of the bay which is always full of boats..

So many quaint shops, I like the colour scheme of this one in Silvery Grey and Celadon Green.

The houses and shops in the town are painted every colour you can imagine....and we noticed more than half of the homes are for sale right now, with many of them having been on the market for 3 years or longer.  The economy in the States definitely has had an impact here in Nova Scotia where many Americans own vacation property or B&B's.

Purple & Tourquoise.

Smokey Blue, pale Green and hot Pink.

Bright Yellow,,,yes the entire house and double garage was painted this colour - with black doors and crisp white trim it was striking!  But i really loved,,,,the dark grey metal roof.

We drove around the other side of the Bay and followed the road out to Indian Point, another fishing local.  During our stay in the area we ate Indian Point mussels at lunch and dinner almost every day,,,,they were definintely the best I had every had.  This house overlooked the docks along Indian Point with the fishing boats and had a bright cherry red door (not a great photo as I took it from the car) this scheme was so dramatic.  I snapped a little too soon though, the wide white stairs started at the sidewalk and continued all the way up several tiers to the front door it was such a fantastic symmetrical perspective from that point.

These photos were taken some days real time, this weary traveller is heading home!

All Photos:  Carol Reed


  1. only a month...and I'm off...the movies I was talking about were: Margaret's Museum, The Bay Boy and New Waterford Girl. ;) Great pics!!

  2. Someone told me the colours are so bright because they used the left over boat paint...makes me rethink grey and beige :)

  3. Yes I've heard that before,,,,and also that the bright coloured houses and fishing shacks can be seen by boat far out on the water. Can't wait to check out those movies, thanks! ~ C


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