Wednesday, August 11, 2010

East Coast Road Trip: Day 5

Grassy hills behind Hertle Beach, outside of Lunenburg on the South Shore of N.S.

Early morning on day 5 of our road trip we drove from our B&B in Mahone Bay to nearby Hertle beach just outside of Lunenburg.  I was actually pleased that it was an overcast morning,,,,the misty air made for some moody images at the beach.  When you arrive you see the beach is surrounded by vibrant green rolling grassy hills as seen in the first photo,,,then you walked along this weathered wood boardward thru the long grass which opened up to the beach.....   

Each of the boards on the long boardwalk was engraved from end to end with names of family members and loved ones in a memorial.  

The font was a simple contemporary style and there was no coloured paint highlighting used at all, just the relief of the engraving.  The effect was so subtle but so memorable,,,

At the end of the boardwalk someone had crafted this bird sculpture from sticks and dried seaweed.

Most of the beaches are unpopulated and except for maybe one or two other people you may have it all to yourself.  This view went on and on....

The wide sandy beach was bordered by ocean stones and the long wispy grass.

There was a lone surfer that morning, he was on a grass path heading back to his car in this shot.

I've always been drawn to this pallette,,,the soft bluey/greys, stone and sand. 

The houses in the area were perfectly charming,,,,shingled of course!  This one had a natural dark wood door which was unusual as most were coloured 

Next we headed into the very colourful seaside town of Lunenburg and started our walking tour at the St.John's Anglican church,,,,,,dramatic black & white.

The side of a garage at the end of a driveway for one of the local houses.

Every building in the town is painted in bold colour scheme with lots of contrasting trim.

Next to fishing, Lunenburg is known for its woodworking - almost all the buildings have fanciful corbels and trimwork painted out in contrasting colours.

This bright blue with yellow scheme was a favorite....

This red was so bright it almost glowed, often it was paired with this green.

The pier was a popular spot for artists to prop their easels up and paint for the day.  There were about 2 or 3 in the spot where I took this photo

The Dory shop where they make the small wooden row boats.

This black building had a modern look with the trim work painted out which highlighted the simple red doors with its galvanized hardware.


The streetscape was a rainbow of colours

The boats in the harbour were just as colourful but I'm drawn to all the nautical hardware....

All Photos:  Carol Reed


  1. Carol,
    Your photography is stunning, you have such a talent for it. Thank you for showing us the beautiful east coast. I have never been east but now you have me wanting to go, maybe next year.


  2. talent, talent, talent. wow... makes me want to go to the east coast next vacation...we always go to Vancouver Island, now considering the east...


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