Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Style at Home: Gather Around

Style at Home Magazine February 2013.  Photography by Donna Griffith.

The publication of Gail's kitchen in the February issue of Style at Home is an exciting full-circle moment of sorts. Its the first project since having this blog that I've documented the process from initial meeting to magazine right here on the blog and on twitter. 

Its been a long process to complete this circle including a year since the time of the shoot to publication.  Gail and her family have been enjoying this new kitchen (and also the renovated family room and adjoining mudroom) for two years now and she loves it as much, if not more today then when she moved into it in the late fall of 2010.   I've enjoyed a glass of wine and delicious food at this island several times over the past two years and to see the joy in Gails eye's as she thrives in this new space is truly gratifying for me.   The absolute best part of any job for me is when I actually see the completed space being used just as I had envisioned in even my earliest sketches.  Its rare to actually see her kitchen empty like this, as its the hub of this home and always, always buzzing.

Without a doubt the most satisfying compliment for me is when visitor's tell Gail, even though its all new and is in a addition to the house, that they feel like this kitchen has always been there, that it feels like it originally belongs to their century old house.  And that, for me, is exactly what I was hoping to achieve.

You can check out the full feature in the current issue on-line to digital subscribers at zinio.com and on news stands this week across Canada.  I absolutely love how photographer Donna Griffith so beautifully captured the space and how Ann Marie Favot's simple styling had the perfect touch.  I'll be posting some more photos from my own portfolio shoot (also shot by Donna) at Gail's in the weeks ahead. 

Thank you Donna, Ann Marie, Bethany and the entire team at Style at Home!

You can check out older posts on Gail's kitchen thru the links below:


  1. It's beautiful! Figures it's your work! I didn't read the article, so I had no idea. Karla's work (Tracey's photos) were also in that issue.

    Looks like a great kitchen to spend time :)

    Thanks for the beautiful Christmas card...is that at your place in NS? I loved it.

    Happy New Year Carol ;)


  2. Happy New Year M!! Thank you and your welcome!!! No the card wasn't of our NS place but the artist and the scene depicted is local, i thought you would like her work. : ) I haven't read all the feature stories in the mag yet either, it just hit stands here on Thursday so I can't wait to pick one up and read about the other kitchens! I like to flip thru my digital version on line, but for reading the stories I prefer the print copy in hand, feet up, hot bevvie and tabby snuggled next to me. ~ C xo

  3. Hi Carol,
    I have been carting this issue around with me since I bought it last week and without a doubt think this is one of the nicest kitchens ever!!!!! You must be so proud of your work. I just love how warm and cozy it is and full of character from the shelf brackets to the beadboard backsplash to the stunning custom hood. Speaking of which, would you mind sharing where the brackets came from? I have always loved that exact design and usually they are in some US publication.

    Wishing you an amazing 2013!


  4. Hi Sandra and thanks so much! The shelf brackets were my own design and the contractor made them, I actually remember being away on vacation and he sent me a photo of the first one for sign off. He nailed it the first time and I was so thrilled with how they turned out. The brackets themselves are just made from simple paint grade wood and are very straightforward to make. The key and most challenging part is getting the scale right, I spend hours on those detail dimensions! ~ C


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