Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy Holidays 2012

Angus & Company
If I could wish for any living room from Santa right now it would be this one!  Sadly this image is NOT my living room - ours is currently an empty shell of a structure (post demolition state) and we are still making do in our temporary living quarters in the back of the house. There is barely room for two of us, two cats and our basic essentials let alone a Christmas tree or any holiday decor.  Due to these circumstances and my work schedule I accepted the fact that Christmas of 2012 will go down as being our Christmas that never was.  It was a significant one none the less, being our first Christmas in our home in Nova Scotia, the fist Christmas we haven't been with family or hosted a Christmas dinner, and the first Christmas without my mom.  But I'm not going to dwell or be disappointed or sad - we're just celebrating in smaller ways, grateful for all we do have and,,, I'm continuing to work round the clock on a project deadline.  Inside, secretly, making lists and plans for next Christmas.

The holidays always have a way of suddenly arriving and making me feel so unprepared.  In true form just days before Christmas I was still in Toronto for meetings and sourcing for a cottage project I'm working on.  Toronto seemed to be in full holiday mode and I was completely oblivious to it up until that point, hadn't given it a moments thought.  Now that I was there I couldn't get enough of it, I love the sights of the city all decked up for the holidays.  I soaked it all in knowing that back at home on the east coast ......not a creature was stirring...

It was especially sweet to visit one of my absolute favorite shops in Toronto, Angus & Company, to do some sourcing.  I've said before that if there was any shop in Toronto I could just move in to it would be this one.  When I walk thru this shop I find it intoxicating, it just hits all the right notes for me and resonates with my personal taste.  To be able to see the shop dressed up for the season was uplifting and motivating knowing what I can look forward to in my own home next year.  The simple use of seasonal greens, white flowers and candles epitomizes my idea of beautiful holiday decor.   I just wanted to plop down, put my feet up and sip some eggnog.

Angus & Company
A faux fur throw is one of my must have cold weather accessories.  If you want to add instant luxurious coziness to a room,,,throw one of these over a chair, sofa, or bed.  I own two different ones and am actually sad to put them away when the warmer temps arrive.  Aside from the paper whites, candles and furry blanket,,,,my favourite touch is the teddy bear sitting in the evergreen wreath!

Angus & Company
Simple, seasonal, perfect.  The teddy bears were perched everywhere - I think they're nostalgic and joyful for any age.  Now this vignette did it for me, I had to have a pair of these bears.

Angus & Company
I simply couldn't leave without taking both of these guys with me.  They were my carry-on baggage for my flight back to Halifax (they even got a big smile out of the security screener).  

Whether this holiday season was full of old traditions, new traditions or transitions....I wish you peace, joy and good health in the new year to come!




  1. Its a great space - thanks for posting. Best wishes for the new year!

  2. A bittersweet Christmas...hugs

    I am looking forward to seeing what you have up your design sleeve for 2013...gonna be amazing!!

    m :)

  3. Happy holidays, Carol! Hope your first Christmas in Nova Scotia was lovely. Funny, we swapped home provinces this year... as I was in Toronto for mine this year instead of NS.
    All the best for 2013. :)


  4. Ahhhh the holidays-it's particularly hard when a loved one is missing. Thanks for bringing us those pictures of Angus and Company....I have heard but never been in. I love all the natural decorations for Christmas as well. The store does look like your design philosophy - as is evident in your great work- an effortless mix of new, vintage and natural elements. Looking forward to the next post and may your New Year be bright!

  5. Carole, just saw the Jan issues of House&Home. Thought the cover shot looked familiar... the handmade subway tile is such a standout piece! Congratulations :)


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