Saturday, May 14, 2011

70's Bungalow: Progress 3

Finishing details are taking place at the 70's Bungalow project.  It's truly my favorite part of the process seeing all the custom elements being perfectly fit into place and witnessing the entire house transform as fresh paint is applied and new millwork is installed.   Its the custom details and thoughtfully coordinated specifications that distinguish a well designed home from your average Developer's build or DIY renovation.  Only with hands-on involvement and the direct supervision of an Interior Designer is this quality of detail possible on a project.  Just having the plans or the ideas for specific design details is not enough,,,,,,communicating directly with the fabricators and installers throughout the process is critical in order for it to come together properly and effeciently.  With this interior nearing completion,  I've been on site almost daily giving instruction and direction as the finishing details are coordinated amongst several different trades and installers, if just one element is wrong its a domino effect of very expensive mistakes.    

A custom double sink, floating vanity with matched horizontal veneers was installed in the master ensuite.  The faucets will be wall mounted into a calaccatta slab backsplash which disappears up behind a custom floating full height mirror with sconces mounted on top of the mirror.  The desired effect is all about simple, clean modern lines but the amount of coordination required to get all these elements perfectly aligned and installed is anything but simple.  For this one vanity I had to meet with the rough carpenter, the plumber, the electrician, the cabinet maker, the cabinet installer, the marble supplier and the glazing contractor, each separately and on different visits.   The junction boxes for the sconces have been moved twice, the vanity re-installed once.  Finger's crossed the rest of it goes smoothly

Slabs of calaccatta were selected for the countertop and shower jambs to try and match the large calaccatta floor tiles.  This beautiful section of the slab was specifically chosen for the soap niche in she shower and you can see how perfectly the fabricator matched the veining, its like a piece of art.

We had the large floor tiles cut down to small 2" x 2" tiles for the shower floor so we would have consistency in the marble colouration and veining.  Freshly painted walls await towel bars and artwork...

The custom vanity in the guest bathroom awaits its new Caesarstone countertop and undermount sink.  The walls and trim are ready for paint.

The kitchen cabinetry with beautifully matched select veneers has been perfectly fit into place.  

Counter depth appliances with custom front panels create a truly integrated look.

Crisp white paint is applied in all the common areas and living spaces.

There's simply no other wall colour that I react stronger to than Cloud White, it takes my breath away every single time, every single house I see it in, its eatheral.  The newly painted interior was the turning point in the transformation, instantly the spaces looked fresh and modern and sophisticated all at the same time.

Invisible hinges and automatic light switches are meticulously routered into the front closet door jambs.

Flat cut walnut veneer gives a beautiful furniture quality to the closet doors, the wood grain is simply stunning I'm almost afraid to put handles on them...

The rest of the interior doors have been installed and painted and the pair of rolling doors are almost ready to go up (on the left).

This stainless steel rolling track hardware has been a mini project all on its own but the master trim carpenter has patiently figured it all out with a little help from me and a few espressos.

Non-custom cabinetry was installed in the laundry room, the new counter, stainless steel backsplash and sink will be installed next week.  (That's a blue protective film on top of the door fronts right now).  Although the cabinetry units themselves were ready-made, the installation details are fairly customized, I worked one on one with the installer to explain how every component was to be cut/installed.

The only other non-custom piece of cabinetry in the house is the Powder Room vanity, a freestanding unit with a furniture look. The walls have now been painted the sconces are up and the mirror is ready to be hung.  Almost ready for guests....

The exterior of the house is undergoing a dramatic transformation. In addition to a new roof, the old windows and chunky mouldings have been replaced with modern aluminum windows. The entire house has received a new smoother stucco finish in a deep warm grey (not as brown as it looks in this photo).

New soffits and eaves being installed and finally the temporary front door will soon be replaced with a gorgeous custom wood door - its arrival will signify the complete modern transformation of this dated facade.

Next week its all about the eye candy: marble counters, backsplashes, stylish faucets and stunning light fixtures.  I can hardly wait.... 

For previous posts about this project including the before pictures, design plans and sketches, check out the links below:

All Photos:  Carol Reed


  1. bravo. looking fab. take a look at niche modern for some lighting I think you will love.

  2. The timber is looking SO beautiful.... gorgeous, classic finishes... can't wait to see next week's update!

  3. love the gutter color, is it tuxedo gray...laughed out loud about you and BJ.

  4. PVE I'm crazy for the Niche modern lighting, gorgeous!!! would love to use it on a project one day (or my own home!). Oh too funny, I can imagine how well you're getting to know Ben right now!! The soffits and gutters are a standard colour that the roofer offerred (wasn't custom),,,,happened to worked well with the stucco colour which is ICI/Glidden's Grey Tweed.

  5. When you paint your walls white, do you paint the ceiling the same shade of white but in a flat finish?


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