Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weeping Willows

I love the colours of early spring,,,,when the fresh green leaves are so bright they practically look neon.  It can be especially surreal looking at dusk as the sun is low and the fresh leaves are illuminated in the sunlight.  Its still too cold here for the cherry blossoms to make an appearance or the magnolia buds to bloom (I'm anxiously waiting and watching, camera in hand) but today I came across the most beautiful setting of weeping willows that were a sure sign that spring has finally sprung.   The willow buds were a bright fresh chartreuse green they were almost glowing, the sight of them against the calm blue water and the bright green grass was spectacular.  Although I could have sat there for hours and just stared, I only spent about 20 minutes taking this series of photos today.  Some of them I'll have printed and framed up in contemporary frames for client spaces (or my own) one day, I just love the modern element photography adds to a room and that the subject matter and colour palette is limitless.  

I'll keep my eye on these weeping willows in the coming weeks,  maybe if I'm lucky I'll catch them on a misty morning or basking against a colourful evening sky.......

All photos:  Carol Reed


  1. Hauntingly beautiful images Carol. Especially the last one. Reminds me of fresh mornings in early summer when the sunshine refracts on dewy spiders webs.

  2. Hi Carol,
    Those are stunning photos and I admire the same beauty of a willow across the street out our kitchen window. It sits in front of a powder blue century home and the contrast is truly gorgeous.



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