Wednesday, May 23, 2012

An Artful Lunch

I was in NYC last week to attend site meetings at my Upper East Side renovation project and to meet up with my good friend Michelle Morelan from A Schematic Life who was visiting from Vancouver.  Michelle and I spent several days together enjoying shopping, dining, theatre, and attending some design events but the highlight of my week was our day trip to Westchester to visit our friend, the incredibly talented artist/illustrator Patricia of PVE Design.

The entire day was a 'pinch me' day of the best kind!  It started off at Grand Central Station (Oh my, I could spend a day in there easily) where we picked up a bottle of chilled proseco and a bundle of bright orange roses before boarding a train for a scenic 35 minute trip along the Hudson river.

The main concourse at Grand Central Station.  Next time, I'm bringing my good camera and spending a lot more time here.  So much to take in...the architecture, the shops, restaurants....I spotted an oyster bar restaurant with Saarinen style tulip tables and chairs. : )

Dahlia's flowers in Grand Central is fantastic, a huge selection of fresh seasonal blooms and the best prices I've seen anywhere.  All bouquets from $5 to $15.  Irresistible.

Michelle and Patricia in Patricia's gorgeous, 'almost complete' new kitchen.  New stools are in the works and a seating area will occupy the spot where I'm taking this photo from.  I LOVED the floor tiles from Walker Zanger which looked like polished concrete and how she's layered them with antique rugs.

Not only did Patricia pick us up at the train station and give us a driving tour of her charming Village full of character homes (seriously I was expecting to see Martha Stewart at any moment!) but she had the most amazing lunch planned for us.  It was all organized ahead so when we arrived we could make lunch together, it was sooo much fun putting together these dishes - honestly this was the most beautiful and delicious dish I have ever eaten.  Its going to be my new go to favorite.


The recipe from my memory; roasted sliced beets, roasted sliced sweet potato, layered napoleon style with goats cheese in between.  Topped with sauteed beet greens, pine nuts in olive oil and a sprinkling of freshly grated nutmeg.  TO DIE FOR.  Plated on vintage blue & white dishes from Copenhagen and set with her wedding silver cutlery.  I promise to get the actual recipe from PVE and post it below.

   After lunch Patricia took us on a tour of the historic Sunnyside estate, home of Washington Irving, located on the Hudson river and just a few minutes from her home.  I purchased a compilation of some of his stories and look forwarding to reading them now especially after being in the room he actually wrote them from.  I wished I had taken photos inside the house, it had a wonderfully simple, timeless kitchen and I was crazy for the various pantries.  An entire walk-in just for cookware and serving ware, another one just for china and crystal.  Sigh.

 "Absolutely Beautiful Things" by Patricia van Essche.

As if she hand't spoiled us enough already, Patricia gave each of us each a box of note cards made from her original artwork.  I love love love these, I'm always so drawn to blue & white so everything about this image grabs me.  This particular painting is called "Absolutely Beautiful Things" and was inspired by the blog of that same title written by Anna Spiro.  What I love most about these cards, is giving them - and telling the recipient all about the card's artist and my friend PVE.  (BTW, If you'd like some of these cards they're available on Etsy or by contacting PVE directly.)

Thank you Patricia for chauffeuring us, for lunch, for the Sunnyside Tour, and especially for the tour of your own beautiful home including your spectacular new studio space (polished concrete floors!!), its absolutely stunning.  It was a thrill for two Interior Designers to hear you describe how your newly designed spaces have had such a transformative impact on your life, to us, that's the true value of great design we wish everyone could experience.  You are a gracious host and a beautiful person in every context of the word.  This visit left me feeling uplifted and inspired in many ways just when I was feeling a need for a boost. 


  1. NY is always an inspiration, but how nice that you've been uplifted and inspired by your visit to PVE. It's nice when one candle lights another, and so on.. I paid a visit to, and enjoyed the beautiful work on Patricia's website.

  2. Carol,
    What a treat to have you and Michelle. I really look forward to sharing more with you.
    As always - I so admire your appreciation for life, design and living an artful life.
    Thank-you for the lovely goodies, the flowers, the bubbly and the fondue set, not to mention the openers.


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