Friday, November 18, 2011


I've had an affection for topiaries for as long as I can remember, going way back to before I ever went to design school.  I remember making them out of moss or dried roses for my own bedroom when I was just a teenager (ok, so maybe I spent a little too much time in my room!?).  I think its the sparseness and their sculptural quality that I'm drawn to, very much the same reasons I'm drawn to potted orchids - simple but ornamental.  Looking back at past projects I notice that I've used topiaries on almost every job, from traditional to modern spaces.  They're an artistic form of nature that I find timelessly appealing.

Last year at this time I was in NYC and I remember being captivated by a shop window that was full of topiaires. I stood there gazing (drooling) as if they were designer shoes or handbags,,,,,,for what seem like ages, wanting so badly to take a few home with me!  

Rosemary topiaries are one of my favorites, beautiful and edible!

On a recent photoshooot I used a couple of mismatched ones to style my clients kitchen table.  At the time, I had to scour the city trying to find them (why is you can NEVER find what you need when you want it!!??) - all I kept thinking of was the little shop in NYC that had been overflowing with them...

I love the look of this one, its wild shaped top paired with a modern cube pot.  This one currently sits on my own coffee table, a nice change from the fresh orchid I usually have here.

My current favorite pot for topiaries are these taupe coloured clay pots from Home Depot. I'm simply crazy for this colour which i find so much more chic looking than typical terracotta colour.


I couldn't do a post on topiaries without including this space by one of my favorite designers Vicente Wolf.  I simply love everything about this grouping, especially those chairs.

It feels good to be back on the blog again - its been a while!!  So much to blog about soo little time,,,,I'm looking forward to updating all that's been happening here soon......

All Photos:  Carol Reed


  1. Not so keen on the perfectly manicured lollipop variety, but a little bit of wildness - like these ones - are truly fabulous in pots. And in the garden, well most of my saturday mornings are spent clipping the (too many) topiary plants into balls, cones & pyramids.

    I don't find it strange in the slightest that you spent ages staring at the window display of them - but then perhaps that reveals much about me too! Lovely to see you back on the blog again. I have missed you! Virginia xo

  2. I am going to look for some for our thanksgiving table.
    Love those pots. Glad you are back and cannot wait to share our renovation soon. Still a ways to go, but it will be worth it.

  3. I'm happy to see you back. I've missed your posts.
    I love topiaries also. But I've only had Christmas type ones in the past. Thank you for opening my eyes to others.

  4. Aw thank you ladies,,,,I've got a log of catching up to do in blogland. I'm currently suffering from a version of writer's block,,,,not for lack of content but soo much buzzing thru my head and across my desk that I can't focus my thoughts!!! : /

    Ha, yes Virginia I feel the same way about the lolipop variety,,,much prefer the wilder ones, it is an artform isn't it! I'm not surprised you have them in your garden : )

    PVE so looking forward to seeing more of your renovation!!

    Lots of exciting projects on the horizon here......



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