Friday, December 10, 2010

Freeze Frame

I know it seems this blog has been frozen on Dec.4 for a little too these roses in the garden of a house I'm working on right now.  To see such a spectacle of beauty amongst a pile of construction debris - I couldn't resist but stop and 'smell the roses'.  It was wonderful to just take a breather for a moment and enjoy the beauty, even for a minute in the bitter cold.  Just like these buds I've spent my days freezing my butt of on this job site over the past couple of weeks,,,,and driving all over the city non-stop sourcing for another project, all while talking other clients thru site issues over the phone in between!

Thoughts of holiday decor or shopping haven't entered my mind yet,,,but I feel the stress building up in my shoulders already.  I'll have to do something about the decor this weekend so I've been looking thru photos from Christmas past to try and get myself motivated.  If I can manage to find more than one photo that wasn't taken with a horrible flash exposure, I'll share a few here in the next couple of days.  And if I really get my act together and manage to get the house looking somewhat festive this weekend, I'll snap some pics and post them too,,,,,,but that's a big if at this point. : )

Please excuse the lack of new posts over the next couple of weeks while I concentrate on getting merry and finding joy.  I hope you are doing the same!

  Photo By:  Carol Reed via Iphone


  1. Gorgeous image and words. I too feel the holiday's need my attention!
    Good luck getting merry...

  2. This is the perfect Winter Magical picture. Have a great Holliday and hope to see you again in NY, Francine


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