Saturday, December 4, 2010

NYC - Fishs Eddy

If you love to cook and love to entertain you'll love Fishs Eddys.  While I didn't do a lot of shopping when I was in NYC last month (too much sightseeing!)  I did manage to make it back to this meca for diner ware twice.  I wish I could have brought more things home with me but I discovered they provide shipping services for purchases in the store and on the website so I know I can get my fix anytime.   I imagine if I lived in New York I'd be a frequent visitor to this shop,,,like everytime I throw a dinner party!  This store is a home cook's dream, its chock full of retro and classic style kitchen ware both new and vintage.  While the store itself isn't huge the shelves are stacked to the ceiling and overflowing with wares.  Quirky vintage finds, classic diner plates, american glassware and every kind of kitchen gadget you can imagine all displayed amongst a collectioin of vintage portraits hung on beadboard walls.  On your next visit to New York don't miss a chance to visit Fishs Eddys, its right across the street from ABC Carpet & Home so this local is a destination point for any home decor enthusiast.  

They had me at Diner Whites.  Gasp.

Hotel Silverware...

Glove Moulds,,,,I bought a couple of very small white ones.   Remember seeing similar ones in this House Beautiful shoot from January 2009.....

......colourful, quirky and unexpected!

She was my favorite of all the portraits and looked stunning beside this American glassware.  I'm pretty sure they colour co-ordinated their displays to the portraits...

No space was left bare, portraits were everywhere....

another beauty,,,,and see how great she looks with the gold and green dishes in the background...

I'd never seen such a large collection of everyday glassware...

I was crazy for these Italian wine glasses sold in sets of 6,,,,,,I was so sad to leave these behind.

Handpressed Amercican glassware cake stands.  Need I say more...........

Just a small sampling of all the other tempting treasures....

Want to see more Fishs Eddys but wont be in NYC anytime soon, you can hop on over to their website and drool some more, I recommend starting at their American Glassware section. : )

All Photos:  Carol Reed


  1. What a fun shop! So I guess I shouldn't bring my 2 little boys along with me, huh?

  2. Ha ha,,well I'm sure the boys would love it,,,but you maybe not so much fun unless you have 8 arms and eyes on the back of your head.

  3. Also a favorite spot of mine...along with Heath ceramics in California.
    I am in need of some serving dishes for the ski house and off to a vintage shop this week to see what I can find for little money!
    Hope you are well.

  4. I love Fishs Eddy, bought my favourite milkglass cake stand from there. There's so much I could buy there.

  5. Thought of you on Saturday, I found a great Fishs Eddie platter upstate for $15- and it will be perfect for serving an array of apres ski fare!
    You inspired that purchase!! :)

  6. PVE - I'm taking note of Heath Ceramics! Must check out. And I'm sooo excited to hear you found a Fishs Eddy treasure, lucky you - imagining that I inspired a purchase that will serve such an enjoyable experience makes me so happy!!! I can just envision the inviting setting you would create...


  7. What a wonderful assortment of fantastic things! Love the diner whites... but it was the 2 blue pitchers on top of the juice glass display that caught my fancy! Thanks for sharing this lovely kitchen wear store!
    Victoria (DesignTies)


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