Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Grant K. Gibson

Living Room as seen in San Francisco Magazine

I admit I’m a little late to the party on this topic as it has been almost a week since this news spread throughout the blogosphere last thursday, which was the day that the apartment of the young designer Grant Gibson from SanFrancisco was featured in the NYT’s home section.  Grant is the principal of the boutique design firm, Grant K. Gibson Interior Design which he began 7 years old and now has a staff of 4.  In addition to being a young up and coming designer, Grant is also a blogger and a fantastic amateur photographer, I’m certain his travel photos will be part of a fabulous exhibit one day and make for beautiful books.  As a rule I try not to post subject matter or photos as posted on other blogs, but in this case, I’m going to share the photos of his stunning apartment both from Grants blog and the NYT, instead of just linking to them - this way I can add my comments along with the photos.  But be sure to check out Grant’s website and blog here for more photos and also check out the full article in the NYT here.

Grant’s apartment is a 1 bedroom, 1000 sf unit in a 1920's building and was actually photographed earlier this year and ready to be published in Domino magazine the very month the magazine was shut down.  Heartbreaking as that would be for any designer, I’m sure this feature spread in the NYT last week makes up for that just a little bit!  

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a fan of all styles of interiors from modern to traditional and every combination in between.  This home is an example of how traditional can be done in a way that’s young and current.  This style is what I would call a collected look, and realistically it may not be for everyone, but I'm always drawn to spaces like these because I have a huge appreciation for how difficult it can be to do this well and make it look casual and current.   You’ll see from the images below that Grant exhibits sophisticated style and taste well beyond his years...what he’s done with this apartment is simply a masterclass in renovating with maximum style at minimal cost.   In the renovating and furnishing of his own apartment, Grant’s expertly demonstrated the art of:

  • displaying collections
  • mixing high and low
  • making any space look beautiful
  • originality
  • smart small space living
  • making the old look now

For all those who wander around antique fairs and flea markets and can’t imagine what people would ever do with this ‘junk’,,,,,and for all those who continuously come home from Home Sense (Home Goods) with bags full of mass produced made in china tchochkas that have no meaning or character and end up never being used,......for all those who have collections of things piled up behind closed doors or stashed in the basement ,,,,for those who think there’s nothing they can do with a rental space to make it look like a stylish home - here’s hoping that the photos below will inspire you!!

A beautiful vignette.  I'm not positive but this may be one of the portraits Grant purchased for $100....I have to say, it looks like a million bucks.

The banquet was custom built, the skirted table conceals the dog's crate and the bamboo shades are from target.  Camel, white, grey and black, my personal favorite colour pallette.

Williams Sonoma sofa with custom pillows made from Fortuny fabric bought online.  Group of etchings in the display cabinet were great finds for $300 and various portraits displayed in the living room were bought for $100 at antique markets.

The carpet and tray table were hand-me-downs from clients.

Old chipped yellow tile floor tile was removed and replaced with $1 s.f.  peel and stick black and white tiles.  Bamboo blind is from Target, and the silver trophy makes a unique toilet paper holder.  This small bathroom has loads of style.

The bedroom was painted F&B's Drawing Room Blue.  Its classic, handsome, warm and inviting looking.  The 4 poster bed was on sale from Pottery Barn Teen for $500 and Grant added a custom upholstered headboard.

Draperies made of simple chocolate linen were given a custom  treatment with a greek key trim, a splurge that gives the room a high end tailored look .

The interior was repainted  with neutral walls providing a perfect backdrop for Grant's collections of drawings, books and sculptures.  The floors were resanded and finished in a rich espresso stain.  All the trim work was painted a Donald Kaufman white and the doors were finished in a high gloss black.  A truly timeless and classic interior base scheme.

Grant K. Gibson sitting in front of a series of architectural prints.  The prints were torn out of books and mounted in inexpensive ready made frames to make a dramatic display in the hallway.  

Congrat’s Grant, you’ve definitely left us wanting more.....

Photos:  First photo from San Francisco Magazine, All other photos by Peter DaSilva for the New York Times.

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