Saturday, October 3, 2009

House Tour - Oakville Showhome

Beautiful 12 x 24 honed limestone floor tiles laid in a herringbone pattern.

This past week a girlfirend and I took some time to visit the Princess Margaret Showhome in Oakville, decorated and furnished by Linda Reeves and the design editors from Canadian House & Home.   We planned our visit for early afternoon and it proved to be good timing as we were able to enjoy viewing all the rooms in the house at a leisurely pace and without a crowd of people following us from room to room, from what i’ve heard the house is drawing lots of attention and streams of visitors from all over.

As someone who loves neutral spaces (for my personal home) the palette of this house was right up my alley.  Natural woods and white walls mixed with lots of linen and greys.  I’ve always lived in all white homes, with the exception of one or two rooms that I love to have done in a dark grey, so I was drawn to the brightness and simplicity of the white throughout the first and second floors of the house.  To me its the perfect timeless backdrop and I find that nothing sets off wood tones and artwork like white, and dark grey.  Although in this house, there wasn’t much artwork present, but you could easily envision how artwork could transform some of the many blank walls.....

Because of all the white, the rustic exposed beams, bleached wood,  and use of linen, I felt the house had a sense of Belgian style to it.   I did manage to get some great photos throughout the tour but for now, I’ll just post these pics of my favorite room in the house which was the master ensuite.   To see more of the house I highly recommend the drive to Oakville to see it all for yourself in person - its for a great cause so while you’re there be sure to buy a ticket and a chance to win this lovely home - it takes just one ticket to win.  Good luck!

The large spacious double walk-in shower is to the left of the chair, complete with dormer ceiling and window.  The entire shower, walls and ceiling were tiled in a 1x2 mosiac grid of the same honed limestone that was used on the floor.

I believe the vanity was white oak, unfinished or waxed perhaps.  The wall is clad in the same mosaic 1 x 2 limestone that continues into the walk-in shower.  The oil rubbed bronze knobs relate well to the light fixtures and emphsizes that understated casual elegance.

As stated on the CH&H website, "The Princess Margaret Oakville Showhome is the grand prize in The Welcome Home Sweepstakes for Cancer Research, built from the ground up by Lynda Reeves and her H&H team, with architectural designer Ray Murakami and custom home builder PCM Inc."   For more info and showhome hours visit here.

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