Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Lilies

I have a growing collection of vintage crocks, I pick them up whenever I'm out antiquing because not only do I love the putty colour of their glazes, the number of uses for them is as countless as their sizes.  I keep several in my kitchen and I use them for putting fresh herbs in from the market,,,and holding coffee spoons, utensils and rolling pins.  This size (in the pic above) is my favourite because it always seems to be the perfect size to put a potted plant or some branch cuttings from the yard and it works perfect as an ice bucket in a pinch too.  To be honest I'm not a fan of the typical holiday variety, foiled wrapped potted plants the markets seem to have every season or holiday but I love to receive any type of flower or plant as a gift so when someone is kind enough to gift me with one I love to find a stylish way to display them.  Sometimes I actually cut the blooms from the stems and put them in a vase or multiple single vases but if you have cache pots or a crock this size, pop your plant in for an instant stylish fix, it takes two seconds and doesn't interrupt your hosting duties.

This morning as I was getting things ready for brunch I happen to switch this crock out (to use as an ice bucket) but I had a cache pot handy that is almost the exact same size so it was a simple swap that looks equally as beautiful with the Easter Lillies.  (This blue and white pot is perfect for potted orchids too which is the main reason I bought it a few years ago.)

Either way, both of these options provided a beautiful place to display the Lillies which were a welcome addition to our Easter weekend and a wonderful distraction from all the the snow outside!  I hope its a little greener wherever you are celebrating your long weekend.

Happy Easter!

All Photos:  Carol Reed

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  1. Best darn looking easter lillies I've ever seen. I'm going to remember your crock idea!


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