Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The TBB Blog: Summer Cottage 2013

I was thrilled to participate this past week as one of 4 guest Designer's contributing to the TBB's Blog series "Colour Fabric & Style 2013".  My friend Sonya of Sonya Kinkade Design (and TBB contributor) asked me if I could submit a favourite paint and fabric scheme of 2013.... and I of course, not having the patience for an imaginary concept, decided to pull a scheme that I love from my client files.  The timing couldn't be better to share this classic navy, white and green scheme which is part of a total renovation of an Ontario summer cottage I worked on during this past winter.   The cottage at this moment is still being pulled together for its first season with its new homeowners, and no doubt over the course of the summer will continue to receive some finishing touches.

You can check out the story behind this scheme along with the colour and fabric specs here on The TBB's blog and I'm sure you'll enjoy the entire series.  Thank you Sonya, Maureen, Lisa, Donna, Nicole and Mary Ann for including me -  it was an honour to contribute along with such talented company!


  1. So timeless, so fresh and love it!

  2. It's a combination which never dates, does it? Works just as well for contemporary or older buildings, retail or residential and in hot or cold climates. Love that Kale tone in the paint.


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