Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Day Trip in The Country

If I could bottle a day and savour it over and over again, last Thursday would have been one of those days.  It was an absolutely perfect summer day, clear blue sunny skies, warm breezes and my agenda........a long drive out of the city to check on a nearly complete client project.  I love a day trip more than anything, especially thru the rolling country roads north of Toronto.  The drive up north was a pure treat and I soaked in the early harvest scenery.  As I began my drive home, like a que from a movie script a vintage red top car pulled out in front of me at a stop sign and I drove behind it for over an hour.  It was like being transported to another time as we passed by old barns and old fashioned "General Store" signs along the road.  I could have hit the accelerator and sped past this car many times,,,but I didn't want to -  I was completely entranced by this nostalgic scene in front of me.  I felt like I'd been gifted my own vintage escort as I cruised the country roads.  There was a smile plastered on my face a mile wide, wishing the drive would never end.

It was truly a day full of vintage moments.  This old painted wood ladder was found in my clients garage, left behind from the previous owners.  I'm in love with this colour.  I think its the perfect shade of green for the front door of the house.  (And if they don't want the ladder, I've put dibs in on it.)

I rarely drive thru Primrose without stopping at Super Burger, its a destination on its own so I was looking forward to making a pit stop there on this trip.  Its a step back in time for some classic burger joint food....

During the summer months they open up their vintage TTC street car for extra seating.  Its 50's cool, complete with modern day air conditioning!

After cruising here behind my vintage escort I had a craving for an old fashioned vanilla milk shake and rings.  Oh how I enjoy great home made style onion rings,,,, I've even been known to plan road trips around them. ; )

There are some days you just wish would never end.

All Photos by:  Carol Reed


  1. Love the 55 Mercury! But more so the photos of times gone past items. Thanks for sharing with your fans Carol.

  2. god I want those onion rings right now! Looks like the dolche vita!


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