Saturday, March 31, 2012

East Coast - Patina

Nova Scotia always overwhelms me with inspiration, the landscape, the architectural character, the food.  On my recent visit we spent our days road-tripping thru the Annapolis Valley as well as the South Shore travelling a total of 1500 km.   With my camera always on my lap, the days were filled with 'stop the car' moments from beginning to end.  I'm constantly 'gasping' to pullover or turn around or drive down there,,,,,BF's become so used to this that most times I don't have to do anything except flick my camera on and he's already looking for a place to pullover.   With the patience of a saint, he'll happily make a stop as often as I want, usually snapping away with his own camera while he waits for me - he's amassed a huge collection of pictures of me taking pictures at the side of the road!   I'm sure passers by often wonder what I could possibly be so interested in.......

The seaside landscape here truly calls my name -  vast open water, changing skies, long wispy grass, cedar shake buildings,  (especially barns!) and the sculptural rocky shoreline all reflecting that time-worn, weathered patina created by coastal winds, water and sun.  When it comes to architecture there are two distinct palletes you'll see along these coastal communities, distinctly bold colourful hues or,,,, a more natural palette that blends into the surroundings.  Below are a few of my favorite images from this trip, each capturing the characteristics of these elements, from rustic abandoned fishing shacks to modern day masterpieces, the simplicity speaks.  (the resolution sizes have been reduced for ease of posting.)

Somewhere near 

Near Liverpool, Nova Scotia.

Green Bay, Nova Scotia

Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

Driving near LaHave, Nova Scotia, from far down the road I recognized this modern residence up high on a peak overlooking the ocean.  Its the work of local Architect Brian MacKay's firm.  I'm a big fan of their work and you'll spot their modern east coast structures all around this area.

Near Broad Cove,  Nova Scotia

Near East Port Medway Nova Scotia

Near Cherry Hill, Nova Scotia

All Photos by:  Carol Reed 


  1. Just beautiful. How I do adore a rusty steel roof! (A fact that generally horrifies my clients, but they are just so appealing for the sheer variation of tone. Of course, having buckets ready to hold the raindrips below isn't quite so appealing...)

    Deliciously soft colours -even the yellow which is more of a gentle golden tone than a harsh one. VB x

  2. Beautiful coastline and so lovely to see it from your eyes.

  3. Thank you, that was wonderful. I love seeing pictures from your travels. And your work too!

  4. Hey Carol! What an inspiring trip I just took with you-always like your pics from a road trip! If you hadn't decided to be an Interior Designer- you should have been a professional photographer! Love ya '


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