Thursday, March 10, 2011

Countdown to Spring

I'm fascinated by how beautiful winter is and could never imagine living without it.   I never complain about the snow or ice unless it intereferes with travel plans.  I happily bundle up in boots and scarves and parkas, I'll drive in the snow, walk in the snow, but the best of all is sitting inside all cozy and warm looking out at the snow! : )  Two weekends ago it starting snowing heavily late on Saturday night and I stayed up really late into the night/morning just watching it come down, it was so still and quiet it was breathtaking.

I grabbed my good digital camera and sat on the front porch for a while just snapping away, handheld, no flash, no tripod.   I loved the effect of the streetlight and the snow and how it created this sepia effect.

The way the snow covered branches look like a painting, it was so surreal.  I feel a bit sad when I think of those who don't experience winter where they live and have never seen the pure beauty of it.  When absolutely everything is coated and weighted down in fresh white snow its magical, you can't help but stop and stare in wonder.

Despite the fact that Spring is less than two weeks away we're still in the midst of blustery snow and sleet every day here in Toronto.  As much as I enjoy winter, this one has felt unusually long.   I've been indulging in all the good things winter has to offer for what seems like forever; wood fires, hot chocolate, fur blankets, sweaters, boots, hearty soups and comfort food,,,,and I'm more than satisfied that I've had enough already.  I'm ready for a change and all the fresh new starts that Spring brings.  I'm looking forward to wrapping up projects I've been working on since early fall and gearing up to start some new ones.  

I'm off to the fower shop to pick-up some blooms, I just can't wait for mother nature any longer - I'm craving all things Spring right now!!

All Photos:  Carol Reed


  1. I agree with you Carol, breathtaking beauty fresh snow covered. Love the pics

  2. Yes, there is magic in the snow. Your photos capture it so well along with your words.

  3. Sonya, I know you share the same love of winter beauty. I remember a tweet of yours stating the exact same thing I feel about the snow and was smiling as I read it thinking to myself "ah,,she sees what I see". It is Breathtaking! : )

  4. I love winter and I am not ready for spring yet. Thanks for the photos, I always like reading your posts.


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