Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Antiquing: Vintage Finds

My favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon is to go for a drive out of the city in search of antique sales.  Sometimes I'm looking for something in particular for a client, other times I'm just browsing for whatever catches my eye.  I love to scour thru the smaller items and seek out mid century treasures.  I came home from this trip with a bag full of goodies with no particular reason for buying any of them other than I was attracted to their form, colour or texture.  I'll hold on to them to accessorize a clients space, or give away as a hostess gift, or use in my own home.

Mid century glass bowl.  I'm always drawn to the fluid shape and the movement of these pieces, I couldn't resist this one in a smokey gray.

Teak barware (I think they're teak?) I scooped these up in a split second, I'm crazy for the form of the handles and the beauty of the natural wood.  One of the corkscrews is stamped 'made in Japan' the others are unmarked - how cool would it be to tie one to a bottle of wine for a hostesss gift! (If I could bare to part with it).

Studio pottery.  My eyes are always peeled for studio pottery you can pick up some original hand made pieces for only a few dollars.  

I definitely have a thing for bowls, mainly because they're just so super functional and so beautiful to look at.  I couldn't resist this small one with its tortoiseshell looking glaze.  It now lives on a tray in my front hall and is collecting coins.

A small mid century glass dish in fluid smoky gray looking glass. I like these on a stack of books or side table filled with candies or nuts or in a bathroom filled with soaps.  A pretty interesting piece for only a few dollars.

Austrian crystal candle holders.  They just look like chunks of ice and will bring a beautiful sparkle to any table top.

As usual, I want to keep all of these finds for myself.......but instead they'll stay packed away awaiting the perfect place for them to shine again.  Well, except for the tortoiseshell bowl, I'm keeping it.

All Photos:  Carol Reed


  1. You got all this in ONE day? Obviously a sharp eye and a fabulous treasure trove to explore. I adore slumped glass like that ~ everytime you look at it, you see a different colour from the light refracting.

  2. Virginia, not only in one day - all from just one place!

  3. One day, one place- meant to be!
    What finds!

  4. Great finds - I love the bottle openers!

  5. I'm with you on the tortoise bowl...beautiful!


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