Thursday, November 18, 2010

NYC - Sightseeing

I'm still on a high from my trip to NYC last week, It was the most incredible experience meeting up with Vancouver designer Michelle Morelan of A Schematic Life Blog to spend a week in New York taking in all the sights, theatre, visiting showrooms, museums, and best of all just sharing all that we have in common as busy independent designers.  I've never walked and talked so much in my life!!!  Michelle is a regular visitor to the city but for me, it was my first trip in over 20 years,,,long before I was ever a designer or even in design school.  Needless to say I was walking around gob struck most of the time, like a little kid at Disney Land, i just couldn't get enough of this city!

I didn't take my good camera equipment with me as I really didn't intend on spending a lot of time taking photographs but I did have my Iphone and my compact point and shoot so I managed to get a few.  I was seriously distracted and I admit to missing many great photo ops because I was just busy living in the moment and taking it all in.  Here are some of my favorite images taken while walking around the city streets enjoying the sights.

I loved this raw structure on the exposed sides of buildings that had been torn down..

I could hardly drag myself away from Central Park.

Black facade.

St.Patrick's Cathedral

I had the chance to tour the inside on Sunday, it's the largest cathedral I've ever been in and to say I was completely in AWE is an understatement.  It was mesmerizing and I could have sat there for hours staring at all the detail, but then I saw thru the open side doors that Saks was right next door, I truly believed it was a sign from God that I needed to go explore.... : )

I was so captivated by the graphic interior of this small narrow restaurant we passed by.

So many old buildings with great detailing.....

Rockefellar Centre,,, the tall red sign in the middle is concealing scaffolding around the humongous Christmas tree which was being all decked out for its debut this weekend.

Bryant Park was just beautiful, I was so impressed by how many quiet natural oasis's you can find throughout the city.

The Cartier store wrapped up for the holidays.

Versace. I've never seen so many beautiful store fronts in my life.

A typical weekday morning in Times Square.

About a year and a half ago the city turned some of the roadway along Broadway and Times Square into pedestrian boulevards.  Now you can sit at bistro tables in the middle of it all, 24 hrs a day.

Like the parks everywhere,,,I loved that you could turn off of a super crowded busy Avenue and onto one of these perfectly quiet side streets where you would be the only one on the block among these gorgeous townhomes.

A stunning display of simple branches and yellow orchids in the Holly Hunt showroom entry.

And this was my favorite sight at the end of every day,,,,our hotel's bar where we could sink into one of the vintage leather sofas and enjoy a glass of wine and rest our feet!

I can't wait to share some other highlights of the trip like meeting Patricia from PVE Design, touring the Kips Bay Showhouse as well as some of the great stores and showrooms I visited.   In the meantime you can read more about our NYC trip over on Michelle's blog here.

All Photos:  Carol Reed


  1. love your energy and enthusiasm - ny makes my heart beat a little faster every time i visit and living there for 15 years makes me feel as though I am "home" every time I pop in. next time you will come here and see the "beauty of the burbs!" great to meet you and michelle!
    kindred designer's and creative souls unite~

  2. Thanks Patricia - Definitely one of the highlights of my trip,,,,sharing fondue with you! I'm envious you live so close to this incredible city that's full of inspiring architecture and museums. A visit to the 'burbs' next time would be a treat - I was fascinated hearing about your reno plans!

  3. Ooh, looks very wonderful! I am heading to NYC soon for my first visit - I am delirious with excitement and reading your post here has made me even more dizzy! Is there an absolute "must-do" list, discovered from your fabulous week there, for a fellow interior designer?

  4. what a great post carol...i want to move to then, i will dream, and look at your lovely pictures. i think you will have to join me again in january!!

    we have to see patricias new studio!!


  5. Carol - wish you lived nearby to lend an eye with the project.
    hope you approve.

  6. Michelle,,,NYC again in January,,,hmmm. You are a bad influence. : )

  7. Ooooh Virginia when are going?? You're going to LOVE it. I have some more posts coming up on NYC but definitely I'll send you an email of suggestions. I went with a list of my own 'must see' places but didn't get to half of them!

  8. PVE,,,,,I am as close by as your computer! Feel free to email pics anytime,,,I'd love to see the progress, I am fascinated with renos and yours sounds extremely interesting!

  9. It always takes me weeks to come down from my visits to NYC. And lucky you to have spent it with Michele! Your pictures are fantastic! I can't even imagine what they would be like with your "good" camera. I love the shot from inside the park, one of my favorite spots in the city. Thanks so much for a
    Ink visit to my favourite city.


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