Monday, April 26, 2010

Upload: April 26th, 2010

Shell balls from West Elm.

About 3 times a week,,,,I upload all the photos from my Iphone and my point and shoot camera onto my laptop.........Everything from job site photos, project sourcing, construction details, beautiful flowers, to big box store finds.  To give you an example, I'll back track a little bit here and post some of the most interesting or inspiring shots I've uploaded over the past 3 weeks, sometimes I take hundreds of photos in one day, it becomes an overwhelming task to sort thru regularly and keep only the relevant ones.  Have a look....

The first sign of warm weather to come was all the shells I spotted in the stores, they're everywhere right now!

West Elm.

Its all about gigantic, huge, shells this year.  Pottery Barn.

Flowers I bought on Good Friday.  The next morning, the Hydrangea were dead, of course......

On a shopping trip to buffalo I picked up this big beautiful cookbook for $9.  Yes, I bought it just because it was beautiful looking, like everything Martha does.  Not only does it make a nice book for display, but its actually a good basic cookbook, its got every "how to..." you could imagine.

At the framers, I was selecting some mat board and moulding for some antique botantical prints for a client.

Then we added this hand drawn detail called a French line.

Working late one Sunday night at my dining room table...

At a clients house to meet carpet installers.  Here's one of the staircases before...(actually 2 days before the treads were an orangey gold oak).

The after....a new wool runner with canvas bound edge.

Love the handles on the Fischer Paykel fridge I saw at Lowes.

I was impressed by how many styles of medicine cabinets I found at Lowes.

Another nice find at Lowes.....french style bathroom accessories. (i had just bought similar ones for a client at Kitchen Stuff Plus, slightly less$).

I liked this series of bathroom hardware, again at Lowes,,,,,,,I love the classic style and the fact it was nin polished nickel, not often found at a big box store.  Check out the co-ordinating toilet tank handle!! 

I can't understand why they make re-sealable potatoe chip bags?? I have no use for this feature.  Doesn't everyone eat the entire bag.....

A slipcover host chair I spotted at Union Home, I'm considering a pair for a chef's home kitchen I'm designing right now, co-incidentally this line is from the Paula Deen collection.

I just love this Ikea rug......but have no where to use it right now. : (


Its all about the fringe right now.  I bought some of these for clients.  Throw blankets from Union Home

One evening while the picture hanger was installing this gallery wall....

the homeowner and I enjoyed a glass of this - its fantastic!  I highly recommend.

Spotted this shiny brass light fixture at Habitat for Humanity for only $65,,but by the time I could convince my friend how great it would be spray painted in white or tourquise or orange,,,,,it went back to get it for her and it was gone.

I saw these fantastic wire chairs at Home Sense,,,,,amazingly a couple days later they were STILL there. ??  Only $49 each.  Why someone hasn't scooped these babies up by now is a mystery to me.

BB Bargoons never ceases to disappoint.  Always in-style and affordable finds.  LOVE this wire pendant lights and wish I had a place to use them right now.

I discovered this gorgeous, stunning, heritage style lighting collection - its handcrafted by an artisan (second generation) just north of Toronto.  I'll be writing more about this in an upcoming post.

Installing the series six custom framed botanicals in a little girls room.

Spotted these at Chapter's and had to take note.  Surprisingly real looking, think they'll be perfect for the same little girls room (above) who's mother has asked me where she can find good looking but 'faux' flowers.  She's not into real flowers, every week, for her entire home...

Driftwood on a stick.   This photo will be an example of what I'm going to ask my BF to make for me with my collection of various things like driftwood, large shells, horns etc.. If I can show him a photo, then he can't say it can't be done. ; )

So now with my camera unloaded, I'm off to start another week of site visits and sourcing!

All Photos:  Carol Reed


  1. Love working in the evening, when the light is so right like that! I actually have that Fischer Paykel fridge, and the handles are beautiful...but the their corners are dangerous!

    Thanks for the inspiration...and that French line...loving that too :)


  2. Hi Michelle, I guess those handles wouldn't be the most child friendly would they!? I think the french line adds such an artistic touch......

  3. I have that French line. After I bought it at Lowe's, I found it cheaper at Canadian Tire.

    I agree with you about those HomeSense chairs. If I had room for them, I'd scoop them up myself!

  4. I found a similar series of ceramic vanity accessories at Kitchen Stuff Plus too, the label is slightly different, but just as pretty. Very suitable in a character style home or in bathrooms where you want a nostalgic/vintage look.

    I have a thing for chairs........this is why I have a basement full of them!


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