Wednesday, May 27, 2009


CREED: [ noun. = A summary of principles, beliefs or opinions]

BEAU-TY: [noun. = The quality that gives pleasure to the mind or senses and is associated with such properties as harmony of form or color, excellence of artistry, truthfulness, and originality.]

I am completely fascinated and passionate about all things related to interior design especially the process of transforming uninspired spaces into well designed homes that beautify and simplify every day living.  As a practicing interior designer i am entrenched in the various stages of the design process on a day to day basis both with client projects and of course my own home. 

Although this is my first blog post, i feel like i’ve been blogging about design for years, to friends, to family and to clients,,,but up until now, i just called it email!  A simple question to me often results in a lengthy detailed reply full of instructions and suggestions complete with website links and photos.  Sometimes offering it all up without even being asked.   With so much experience and passion for design I find myself constantly wanting to express my thoughts and share my views, to inform others how great design is truly about enhanced living.  So the fact that I’m a super fast typer, and i mean REALLY fast,, I can type as fast as i can talk fast,,,, just makes it feel natural for me to chronicle my experiences as a designer in this format.


I hope to offer readers insightful commentary from a designers point of view.  I’ll share my approach to common design challenges, provide all kinds of practical reno advice and write about all things that inspire me in my day to day work.  In addition to loads of design advice, I plan to post images of my work and those who’s work I admire, my sketches, great finds, and other relevant images that speak to certain design concepts or topics that interest me.  

My objective for all future posts is to keep them honest and real, for them to be original, informative, inspiring, good spirited, often humorous and always,,,,,,always, enhanced with beautiful imagery.  And the occasional cat picture.  

Welcome to my world of design!


Photo:  Leni Johnston


  1. I have read every entry and loved each moment. I've learned SO much in such a short period of time. Your blog has the perfect balance of style and substance. Can't wait to read more. So happy you offer e-design. It may be just what my kitchen needs.

  2. I have just read every post... your blog is a work of art.. thank you so much for your inspiration... I too can not wait to read more.


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