Sunday, October 3, 2010

Master Retreat: 70's Sidesplit

Since the end of August I've started on so many new projects, a few of which I'll be working on over the next 6 months to a year - and will tell you more about them in future posts.  Since before the end of August I've wrapped up a lot of projects so I'd like to get some of these after pics off my plate so to speak before I move on to posting about the more recent stuff I'm working on.   The 70's suburban sidesplit I furnished for a single mom and her daughter was completed earlier this year, for me it was the first time I took on a project that didn't involve any renovating whatsoever - that had all been done before I came on board.  You can read more about the background story of this project here, and see after photos of the Daughter's room here and the Guest Bedroom here.

Like the other bedrooms in the house the master bedroom was on the small side but typical for a sideplit, it had a small walk-in closet and a tiny 3 pc ensuite and no redeeming architectural features at all.  It had brand new hardwood floors and a fresh paint job when I first 'met' this room.  My task was the same for this space as it was for the entire house, furnish it from top to bottom from scratch and have it completed and move-in ready in less than 3 months.  Although she invested in a designer, her spending budget was modest so every splurge would need to be balanced with a few great finds. 

The Before: this is what the room looked like the first day I saw it, the painters were just finishing up (talk about bad timing!).  Once again I would have to work with ICI's Bavarian Cream. : /   My client has a love for all things feminine and glamourous and traditional and elegant and french inspired and she wanted her new room to be all those things, but she's also young, professional and stylish so it had to be done in a way that looked modern and fresh (and by modern I mean current).

The After:  I had a custom diamond tufted headboard and end of bed bench made, added an elegant crystal chandelier, a luxurious wool area carpet and glamorous mirrored chests on either side of the bed.  The ruffled bed skirt, damask duvet cover and shams are from Au Lit.

Ready-made lined cream linen drapes with inverted pleat top and full length sheers dress up the not so fabulous looking window.  I found an antique walnut dressing table with 4 big drawers and after contemplating several options for new chairs, my client found this antique chair stored in her mother's basement, it belonged to her much loved aunt.  I thought it worked perfectly with the vanity and loved the fact that it had sentimental value.  This chair and one pair of antique lamps were the only things that my client brought with her into this house.  She does plan on reupholstering the seat or adding a slipcovered seat with 3/4 skirt.  The etched mirror accessories are vintage from Chatelet Home.  The knobs on the vanity were replaced with crystal ones since this pic was taken.

I had originally purchased a potted orchid for the dressing table but by the time I had returned and taken most of these photos,,,,all the potted orchids in the house had died, she's now replaced them with artificial.  This is a bad Iphone pic, for some reason I have no decent after photos of this area of the room,,,I think its because from every angle I tried to shoot it I was getting a bad reflection in the mirror.. 

When it comes to designing spaces or furnishing a room, I'm most particular about lighting more than anything.  Sometimes its to my detrement because I can get really hung up on finding something that I feel works just right,,,,,,,style, size, function,,,if its not just right,,the entire room falls short.  These lamps are one of my favorites and are from Crate & Barrel.  I like the simple form of the base and the drum shade which adds a modern touch to the space, it has a subtle crackle glaze, the soft curves and silk shade are so elegant.  I think their simplicity pairs well with the traditional crystal chandelier. It was near impossible to find a pair of these in stock but after much begging, pleading and phoning I did manage to score a pair at the 11th hour.

The wool area carpet had a traditional feel to it, it had a taupey cream coloured border with a grey/blue main field.  The end of bed bench wasn't ready in time for move-in (the day this shot was taken) but was delivered only a couple of weeks later....

Diamond pique lace edged coverlet & euro shams, and lace edged pillow cases were great finds from HomeSense as was the sunburst mirror.

The bench was delivered a couple weeks after move-in...

When I delivered the bench I also brought along one more finishing touch (which is now my most favorite thing in the room), a cream coloured velvet pillow with feather trim.  My client was completely in love with her new room already and this little find sent her over the moon. : )
Feather pillow, HomeSense.

Even though everything in this room is new to my client except her aunts chair, I'm happy that all things in the room aren't brand new - it was important for me to mix in a few antique pieces so the end result is a mix of new and old, splurges and saves, ready-made and custom made, feminine and tailored,,,,, but best of all I think we achieved traditional without looking dated.

All Photos:  Carol Reed


  1. Very gorgeous Carol. I can't believe you achieved such an elegant space with that base colour on the walls - but it just all works. Love the headboard and the feather pillow!

  2. That is such a comfortable looking room. For all your attention to detail, I wouldn't have guessed that you were most particular about the lighting! But now that I look at the completed room, the lamps really are the thing that keep the room from feeling too traditional. Nice work.

  3. Thank you Virginia!! I believe its possible to make almost any wall colour look good as long as you don't clash with it, its all about what you pair it with. In this room I initially wanted to load it up with creams and white but the homeowner insisted I couldn't do an all white bed scheme,,,,which really had me scrambling.

  4. Hi Jen, Thank you - Oh my gosh yes I'm crazy picky about lamps but you should see how insanely particular I am with hardwired fixtures!!! I spend more time on a lighting plan and sourcing fixtures for a reno than anything else - soooo many fixtures to chose from, new and vintage,, to me they make or break the space.

  5. Just beautiful Carol...great job! love the lamps...


  6. Another absolutely stunning room :-) You did a fantastic job working with Bavarian Cream!! The diamond tufted headboard and bench are gorgeous, and I absolutely adore the mirrored night tables. You definitely hit the traditional-meets-modern nail on the head :-)


  7. I love these nightstands and am looking for something similar. Could you please tell me where you got them? Thanks!

  8. CarolReedInteriorDesignFebruary 24, 2014 at 7:56 PM

    Hi Liz, I ordered them from a furniture dealer in Brampton, however its an open line that is available thru many retailers. If you email me, I can get back to you in a few days with the Mfg's name but I need to dig thru the archives first - this was from some time ago. ~ c

  9. Carol, I absolutely love this master bedroom. I am trying to find the bedding - duvet and bed skirt. I searched on the Au Lit website, but am not 100% sure which ones these are. Would you be able to give me the pattern name and color the duvet and the bed skirt. Thank you in advance!

  10. CarolReedInteriorDesignJuly 11, 2014 at 2:52 PM

    Hi Besspr, Unfortunately no I don't have any of the information on them and they're not on the website, but these were purchased over 4 years ago. It was a spontaneous on the spot purchase (not pre-sourced or ordered) so I don't have the pattern name and colour recorded. The duvet cover and shams were purchased from the Aulit outlet store so they very well may have been there because they're no longer carrying it. You can try contacting the store for more info. Thanks ~ Carol

  11. I am in love with these glamorous side tables. Did you find the manufacturers name for this furniture line? Would love to come across these tables for a bedroom I am renovating

  12. CarolReedInteriorDesignJuly 17, 2014 at 8:05 AM

    Hi Angie et all:
    The mirrored cabinets used as bedside chests in this room is the 'Borghese Magazine Chest' made by Bassett Mirror Company. Inquire at your local furniture retailers to see if they carry this line. ~ Carol

  13. I love the diamond tufted headboard. Can I find it at a store somewhere? what are its measurements?

  14. CarolReedInteriorDesignAugust 24, 2014 at 8:57 PM

    Hi torres, The queen size tufted headboard and end of bed bench were both custom made pieces.... ~ C.

  15. I am in love with that diamond tufted headboard and end of bed bench.. Where did you have them custom made? I live in Los Angeles but might be moving to New York.. And would love to find something similar or have custom made. Do you have any recommendations?

  16. Dana Imbrosci CerulloNovember 16, 2014 at 4:12 PM

    Beautiful Carol! My bedroom color scheme is very similar to this post. I really want to add mirrored chests on either side of the bed but I will also need a dresser since I have quite a large room! How do you feel about mixing the mirrored chests with a wood dresser & would it be dark or light colored? Thank you!

  17. Dana Imbrosci CerulloNovember 16, 2014 at 11:45 PM

    Beautiful bedroom Carol! I am looking to design my bedroom very similar to your post & have begun the process. Since my bedroom is quite large, I will need a dresser in addition to the mirrored bedside drawers. My question to you is how do you feel about adding a wood dresser and if you like the idea, what color dresser would you use? I am just afraid furnishing the whole room in mirrored furniture & it becoming to overwhelming & not classy. Your opinion is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  18. CarolReedInteriorDesignNovember 17, 2014 at 8:53 AM

    Hi Dana,
    Thanks so much! In addition to the mirrored night tables there is a wood dresser and vanity chair in this room too, they're walnut and the floors are a light/medium oak. The mix works very well. ~ Carol

  19. Carol, is the fabric for the headboard and bench linen? Do you remember if it is of-white, oatmeal, or beige? Desperately trying to get this look and don't know whether to purchase one from Pottery Barn or have one made? Also, how high should the headboard be?

  20. Where did you get the beautiful chandelier?

  21. CarolReedInteriorDesignMarch 29, 2015 at 12:19 PM

    Hi cw, honestly, Its been far too long I just don't remember and the info has long been archived. Most likely it was from either Union Lighting, Sesco Lighting or Universal Lighting in Toronto.

  22. would you mind sharing how much the headboard cost?

  23. so, I found this picture from your design...I am on a fixed I re-did your design the poor-rich girl style....I placed two side tables( round...a sidewalk find-painted them metallic silver) , glass lamps with crystals hanging and white shade-drum style...added a flower I put together with liquid water and crystal bowl I found at a goodwill. and went to hobby lobby and found a mirror ..just like the one you have .....I love my room . I also ordered a ottoman storage bench from amazon 280.00. and my bed came from walmart online ....headboard ...200.00. I love your designs .....Just gorgeous...


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