Monday, March 15, 2010

Chalkboard Door:

Masonite's new Chalkboard Panel Door

Chalkboards continue to be one of the most popular details or accessory I'm asked to include in a newly designed room whether I'm designing a new kitchen, mudroom, playroom, kid's rooms, home office or even a laundry room - everybody loves the idea of having a place to write to-do lists, appointment reminders and personal expressions.  The home kitchen I'm currently designing for a chef is no exception, my client really wanted me to find a spot somewhere in her new kitchen for a blackboard so she could post menus and make note of special celebrations.  Like most kitchens,,,because of all the appliances and the cabinetry there's not a lot of wall space left over for artwork or message boards.  But,,,,,,in this particular kitchen there is a door that leads to the basement which also happens to be highly visible from everywhere within the kitchen - so the obvious solution was to incorporate the chalkboard with the door.

A chalkboard door is something that can easily be made with a plain door and some blackboard paint, however, if you don't have the time, the skills or the desire for a DIY project and/or you want a genuine style and rail door that's ready to hang then this new chalkboard door by Masonite is a great option.  These doors come available in either a single panel or double panel style with the washable magnetic chalkboard surface on one side in a selection of wood frame or primed MDF,,and can be ordered either with the hinges already machined in place or not. 

Primed MDF, Single Panel Option

Clear Pine - Double Panel

These doors can be ordered anywhere that sells Masonite door products, including Home Depot where the cost for a 30"x 80"door in primed MDF is $309, and $360 for a double panel (non-machined).  The same size door in clear pine is $322/single panel, $374/double panel.  Delivery is approximately 3 to 4 weeks.  You can check out the Masonite website for all the options.

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