Saturday, February 2, 2013

Window Seat

Sunset view approaching Toronto

I used to hate flying, if I ever did muster up the courage to get on a plane I would avoid the window seat or looking out the window at all.  I think it stems from my fear of heights and that I occasionally suffer from vertigo.  Its so bad that when I'm in condos beyond the 10th floor I can't go anywhere near the windows.  Over the past couple of years I've travelled so much, particularly on smaller aircraft and strangely this seems to have peaked my interest in the window seat.  The lower altitude gives you a clear view of the changing landscape below you, not just after take off or approaching landing,,,but throughout the entire trip, you're low enough to spot buildings and cars.  Somehow this makes me feel less anxious during the flight when I can spot the ground.  Now I truly enjoy the window seat and love snapping pictures of the changing scenes and seasonal palettes below.

Sunset approaching Toronto via Ottawa
With a glass of wine in hand (in a real glass!) and views like this I'm a very happy flyer. : )  Flying just above the clouds in the early evening I enjoyed this spectacular sunset and sureal purple cloudscape.

The shores of Lake Ontario

On my recent trip to Toronto I was mesmerized by the beauty of winter.  The snow and the ice transformed the landscape to a natural black and white scene - the contrasts created wonderful geometries like a winter mosaic.

Somewhere over Montreal

These photo were taken in colour but I love how the winter has transformed this to a black and white scene au naturel.

Right  now I'm thinking about a loved one who is at this very moment on a extremely long journey home to see her very ill father and my biggest wish is that she arrives safely and that she'll be able to spend some time with him before he goes.  If she's lucky enough to be in a window seat, I hope her view looks like this.  I have never seen anything so serene and peaceful, and heavenly.

Above the clouds at sunset

As passengers we are all onboard for various reasons, we're not always enroute to a vacation destination or a business meeting or to happily reunite with family and friends,,,sometimes, as I did not too long ago, we are travelling with a heavy heart on a journey we wish we never had to take.  Wishing more than anything in the world that time travel existed and we could be with our families in an instant.  Instead we are on board a flight for what seems like an eternity, staring out the window and contemplating life with a birds eye view.  Perspective from that window seat will never be the same again.  

Composing this post has made me realize I've come along way in overcoming my anxieties about flying.  Instead of stressing out over my next flight, I find myself looking forward to it and the opportunity of adding to my growing collection of images from the window seat.  Mind you, the glass of wine really helps too. ; )

Safe travels M. xo

All Photos by:   Carol Reed (aboard Porter Airlines)


  1. What a beautiful post. I love your collection of images from the window seat. Thank you for sharing them - it really does look like heaven.

  2. I'm flying tomorrow morning, 7 am... I don't think they will give my wine at that time in the morning. I can't sit by the window... just to closed in... but I love your pictures.
    Going to Maria Killams (colour me happy blog), colour class again, have a great week.

  3. safe travels! surprised you got out of Halifax!

  4. I haven't ever really liked flying either - but seemed to have chosen careers which have entailed quite a bit of flying which is ironical. But yes, I agree, flying puts one's mind in another place - a chance to philosophise and take stock on a different scale. And perhaps that it is because of the beauty of the bird's eye view. These images are quite amazing - especially the Montreal "black and white" ones which aren't really. Hope you are settling into your new home and new adventure quite happily. xx


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