Saturday, January 28, 2012

IDS: 2012

Snob Stuff Exhibit Space

The annual Toronto Interior Design Show is on this weekend and I had a few hours to tour the show during Trade Day yesterday.   I have to confess I don't get too excited about trade shows in general, especially ones that are local for me and take place once year - its hard to exhibit new ideas, products and concepts every 12 months that consumers or designers haven't already been exposed to.  As a working designer I see these suppliers and products on a regular basis throughout the year.  What I do enjoy at trades shows are keynote addresses by Industry leaders from Canada and other parts of the world speaking on design and I love to see 'Concept' spaces designed by or in collaboration with Designers (I really wish there was more of that!).  I love to see the works of independent and emerging designers in the Studio North section of the show - this popular 'show within the show' never disappoints.  Overall, based on what I see when I tour IDS I know its only a small glimpse of the Canadian or Toronto design scene -  more apparant to me than who IS there, are all the fantastic products, designers and services (and trade only suppliers) that I know AREN'T represented at this show.  

While many of my favorites suppliers and products aren't exhibiting at IDS, some certainly were.   What I chose to capture photos of were products that I haven't seen before or products that were simply exhibited in a way that impressed me.  Here's a glimpse at what caught my eye-phone this year.

Always one of the most beautiful spaces at IDS with the most interesting pieces.  All their products are handcrafted in South Africa.  The brass ring pendant lights were a favorite of mine, a series of them floating over the table was captivating.  I'm always drawn to spaces that have a graphic quality to them, that contrast of black with white mixed with natural materials always resonates with me.  I think even the most simple objects looks sophisticated against black, as these primitive handmade pieces do set against a black accent wall and black dining table.  The impact of the oversize b&w image, the colours and the texture of the crafted pieces all created an artfully eclectic space.

In the Studio North area of the show, these rope pendant lights were getting a lot of attention. : )

I'm crazy for the natural character of wood and I loved this take on the stump table, especially the sides painted a dark black/brown.

This wall scultpure of reclaimed wood reminded me of an exhibit I saw at MOMA last year.  I loved the grey tones of the wood and the pattern and texture created by assembling the wood this way.  Simple material but so beautiful in this context.

The peacock chair.
  This is what resulted when Toronto design studio UUfie collaborated with Dupont Corian.  The intricate fanlike chairs designed by UUfie were made from a single sheet of corian, then cut and folded and bent thru a process called thermoforming.  The material does seem to have infinite possibilites, co-incidentally one of my favorites from IDS11 was a bookcase wall made from Corian.

The international host of honour, Italian Architect Piero Lissoni designed this gorgeous white on white lounge that was all the buzz.  Divided up into both social and intimate spaces with deep lounge sectionals and floor to ceiling bookshelving the vibe was modern, elegant and relaxed. The white on white scheme was a striking contrast to one of last years most raved about spaces, Ikea's black on black on black kitchen.

My favorite space of all was this concept space created by Mazen Studio for the "How Do You Live" special exhibit.  To me its the definition of "warm modern".  Its no wonder I was crazy about everything in this space, it features modern danish pieces, contemporary photography, a gallery wall, and many products from my own personal favorite sources like Hollace Cluny, Moncer Flooring and Zig Zag modern but even better were a couple of great 'new to me' sources.  And I thought I knew them all. ; )
 I'll leave you with more photos (sorry not such great quality photos!) of this space and simply say I absolutely loved every single thing about it. everything.

All Photos:  Carol Reed


  1. Well that was terrific, thank you Carol. I just walked around the exhibits in my mind, seeing each of these. Definitely a pattern to it - the warm modern as you call it. Not just the Mazen Studio (which I love too) but the whole collection you have shown here. Lots of texture, natural materials, and a hand-made age to them. Love that rope light! Hope you are busy and happy. Virginia x

  2. What a beautiful show and so many interesting pieces. Love the chairs in the first image and the expedition mirror...fabulous!! Thrilled to find and follow your blog ~

  3. Even when you think you've seen everything at the show, there's still something that you've missed! It's great to see the show through other people's eyes - I also took some pictures of the peacock chairs, but none from the angle you took yours from. The Snob booth was great - I really liked the light fixture and the blue wire giraffe :-)

    I've added a link to your IDS post on my IDS post - hope you don't mind.

  4. Thanks Kelly! Looks like you ladies had a great time. You captured a couple more of my favorite things from the show that I took photos of but didn't post - that stunning vintage light fixture in the Bloomsbury Kitchen booth and I also photographed the brushed brass cabinet hardware in the same kitchen, LOVED it. Looking forward to the rest of your posts! ~ C

  5. Congratulations on the office in Style at Home. My copy arrived today!


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