Monday, May 23, 2011

Cherry Blossoms

When I see the cherry blossoms in bloom I'm simply in awe of how utterly beautiful they are, its intoxicating.  They're the most perfect shades of pink I've ever seen and the silhouette of clusters of blooms on these long narrow branches is so sculptural. The only thing more beautiful than seeing these trees in person, is bringing some of their beauty indoors.  To have fresh cuttings of cherry blossoms adorning a table top or mantle is a rare luxury,,,,,so for the brief time they are in bloom I tried to capture as many of them with my camera as I could, its the next best thing.  

When it comes to interiors, I'll be the first to admit I'm not a fan of pink walls or floral patterned fabrics, if it suits a clients needs of course I work with it,,,but in my own home its not something you're likely ever to see. This makes me stop and contemplate why I love everything about these blooms that I can't get enough of them.  Looking at these images I know its simply the natural beauty that I'm drawn to,,,its pink, and its floral but its all natural, its the way I appreciate them the most.  I think this is also true of how most men feel about pink and flowers,,,,,,,men do love flowers and gardening, in fact it was almost all men I spotted photographing the cherry blossoms along side me, but the chances of them agreeing to cherry blossom wallpaper or pink upholstery,,well,,,that's a different story altogether. 

After exploring with my camera I notice that all the varying shades of pink are a natural signature, the contrast of the blooms against the rustic branches are so striking, I'm drawn to the combination of small buds and full blossoms, and I think that the bronze coloured leaves are a perfectly odd pairing with pink.  It makes me want to frame some of these photos in antique brass frames. What else I find so irresistable about the cherry blossoms is that they're so temporary,,,one day the branches are bare and the next day an explosion of pink ,,,,, that lasts only for about a week.  Perhaps if they bloomed like this all the time we wouldn't appreciate them as much?
Its hard not to love this colour in nature, in sunsets, in flowers, in strawberries and treats, its uplifting and cheery and romantic and magical, and undeniably pretty,,,,,but its a hard colour to live with indoors especially in large doses - it can so easily come off as tacky or juvenille looking.  Using it inside takes a lot of consideration and I think we can take some tips from the cherry blossoms; the slightest hint of pink is all you need to evoke these senses (it doesn't take much tint for something to read as pink), gradiating tones of pink will look sophisticated and mixing textures of pink will add depth.  Real flowers in vases or depicted in artwork or photography will give a natural looking boost of pink to any room and pairing pink with more masculine materials and colours will give it an edge.  For your own mini explosion of uplifting pink everyday, try painting or papering the inside of a drawer, cabinet or closet in pink and just try not to smile everytime you open it.

If you havn't had a chance to experience their beauty up close yet this season, get out for a walk and see if you can't find some late bloomers in your neighborhood (and don't forget your camera!).

Speaking of neighborhoods.....I'm in New York City this week, exploring a few of those. : )  You can follow me on twitter for updates!

All Photos:  Carol Reed

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  1. Carol I adore cherry blossoms!! They are so gorgeous and abundant in the spring!

    Art by Karena

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