Thursday, December 17, 2009

GUS MODERN - Sofa Love

The newst design from Gus Modern - The Richmond Sofa

I GUSH.  When I'm crazy for a product or service, or company,,,,I can't help it, I simply gush endlessly about it.  I've been a fan of Gus Modern for quite a few years now, its designed here in Toronto, right here in my own hood actually, just a few minutes away - and I've specified it for a wide range of client projects and have bought some pieces for my own home.  It also happens to be sold thru one of my all time favorite showrooms, Style Garage who have recently opened up a Gus Modern studio right next door to their main showroom on Queen W.  This product line is rapidly gaining recognition outside the country for its elegant, industrial inspired style. I think Gus Modern's own vision statement really sums up what I love most about this product and it happens to reflect much of my own design philosphy:

Simple forms, honest materials.........delighting in the simplicity of everyday objects, and combining great design with practical purpose.  These are credos that I design by.   Its no wonder I've always been drawn to this furniture line!

But this week,,,,I AM CRAZY for their brand new Richmond Sofa, it has the same clean contemporary lines Gus Modern is known for but with a cushion seat and cushion back.  This 2 over 2, full size modern sofa is tailored AND comfy-cozy - slightly more relaxed looking in style than their other sofas.  Its not even in showrooms yet but I've already ordered one for a client!

The Richmond Sofa in Lattice, Graphite fabric.

The Richmond Chair, I've test driven this in person,,,,its incredibly comfy!

If you're not familiar with Gus Modern,,,below are some of my favorite pieces from the rest of their collection but this is just a small sample of what they offer. Sizes and fabric choices are pretty limitless.

The sleek stainless steel and leather Delano Chair.  A statement chair - I love mixing this chair in with more traditional surroundings, and not only does it look stunning, its surpringly comfortable.

The Delano chair upholstered in pony hide.  Oh, I gush...

The Jane Chair - this is what I call, tailored comfort.

George Daybed - a stunner.

Nicole Ottoman.  Whatever size you want,,they can make.

Blythe Ottoman upholstered in Pony hide.  Made to order and any size you want.

The Bishop table - I've used this little table a lot, it cantilevers beautifully over an ottoman or armless sectional.

The Pawn stool - a little scultptural end table or stool.

The Pawn stool in the 'latest' hottest colour.

The Timber Tale table - unexpected fun with faux bois 

The School House chair.

the Thompson Chair

the Swing Arm Lamp.

Check out the Gus Modern website for the complete collection and visit Style Garage for pricing and showroom location.

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